Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the difference between Member Price and Member Subscription Price? 

Member Price – One-time order price for members

Member Subscription Price – For monthly subscription orders. Your item(s) will be sent to your doorstep every month and auto-deduct from your account. 

2. Is there any additional fee to pay other than RM150 (Basic Plan) or RM280 (Silver Plan) refundable deposit for the coffee capsule machine? 

There are no extra charges for the usage of the coffee machine. However, there will be a one-time RM35 delivery charge on the coffee machine. 😊

3. Is there a minimum purchase every month for a monthly subscription (Coffee capsules)?

The minimum purchase per month is RM30. A flat rate of RM10 of delivery fee will be charged if the order in a single receipt is below RM60. Order above RM60 and above in a single receipt is free of delivery. 😊

4. What is the delivery cost?

We offer free delivery for purchases over RM60 and a flat RM10 delivery fee for purchases below RM60. 😊

5. Is your bread frozen items?

No. Our bread is freshly baked and it comes filled with nitrogen so it will be kept fresh until you put it into your freezer or fridge. Our bread will last 14 days in this nitrogen packing. Once you receive it, please put it in your fridge. It will keep for 1 month in your fridge or 3 months in your freezer. 😊

6. Do you deliver on the same day? How long does it take to deliver to me? 

No. Our delivery partners (Ninja Van or DHL eCommerce) will deliver this to you within 1-5 working days. While they cannot promise a specific time, previous delivery times are all within this timeframe. 😊

7. Is your bread Halal?

ARISSTO ZERO Family Bread is made in a halal environment. We are currently in the auditing process by JAKIM for halal certification. 😊

8. Is your coffee, tea, chocolate, and milk Halal?

Yes, our coffee, tea, chocolate, and milk are halal and acknowledged by JAKIM. Please see our halal certificate here:




9. Can you ship ARISSTO ZERO Family Coffee capsules and coffee capsule machines to Sarawak/Sabah?

Yes, we can ship ARISSTO ZERO Coffee capsules and coffee capsule machines throughout Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. 😊

10. Can you ship ARISSTO ZERO Family Bread to Sarawak/Sabah?

We are currently only able to send ARISSTO ZERO Family Bread within Peninsular Malaysia to maintain our high standards of freshness. We will expand our delivery to Sabah and Sarawak soon, so stay tuned! 😊

11. Is ARISSTO Bakery products vegan?

All our products are not vegan, as even if some of our products don’t contain butter / milk / cream / eggs, the machines that made them have come into contact with such ingredients. 😊

12. Is ARISSTO Bakery products vegetarian?

Yes! All our products are vegetarian except for Cheese Croissant. 😊

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